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Automotive Lighting Preview. CEC 70W 24V T3 Halogen Auto Bulb $6.99. each. CEC 3.8W 14V 0.27A T3.25 Mini Auto Bulb $9.90 Pack of 10. Sylvania 3157 Long Life Automotive Bulb $5.26 Pack of 2. Philips 9006, HB4 Standard Low Beam Headlight $9.98 Pack of 2. CEC 3157NA Amber S8 Auto Bulb $3.58 Pack of 2.

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Bulb Finder GE Lighting

Finding the right light has never been easier. Looking for a specific type of bulb? Choose from. each of the categories below, and we’ll help. you find exactly what you need.

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Dear Customer, We are dedicating this reprinting of the SUNRAY LIGHTING MINIATURE LAMP AND SEALED BEAM CATALOG to the memory of John E. Tison, Jr. who passed away on July 31, 2002 at the age of 82.

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GE CURRENT Miniature Incandescent Bulb, T21/2, …

GE CURRENT. Miniature Incandescent Bulb, T2-1/2, Miniature Bayonet (BA9s), Lumens 4, Watts 3W UNSPSC # 39101612 Catalog Page # 499 499 Country of Origin These T-shaped miniature light bulbs have a miniature bayonet base, sometimes known as a BA9s base.

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GE Lighting

GE Lighting, a Savant company. Discover our range of smart, energy saving, LED and other light bulbs for every room in your home.

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Miniature Bulbs By Number, Miniature Lamps By Number

Miniature Bulbs By Number are a Internationally standardized means of identifying miniature light bulbs. All Miniature Bulbs have a number and/or letter designation that can be used to determine shape, base, amperage, voltage and filament design.

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GE bulbs GE LED Bulbs GE light bulbs BulbAmerica

CFL GE bulbs are Energy Star certified meaning that they have been tested for outstanding efficiency, long life, flicker-free performance, range of bulb shapes and sizes, and color rendering (CRI). The quality of GE bulbs is apparent in the fact that most GE bulbs in their product line feature the Energy Star Seal of approval.

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Miniature Bulbs By Number, Miniature Lamps By Number

Miniature Bulbs commonly are low voltage by design but there are exceptions with some miniature bulbs being in the 120 to 230 volt range. Miniature Bulbs come in a variety of sizes and bases and filament designs. T-3/4 Miniature Bulbs are only 0.09" (2.3mm) in Diameter while an R-12 is 1-1/2" (38mm) in Diameter.

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Miniature/Indicator Bulbs By Base, Miniature By Base

#555A Amber Miniature Bulb Glass Wedge Base - 6.3 Volt .25 Amp 1.575 Watt T3-1/4 Amber Glass Wedge Base, 3,000 Hour #2187 Miniature Bulb Wire Terminal Base - 28 Volt 0.04 Amp 1.12 Watt T1-3/4, Wire Terminal Base, 7,000 Hour K18 Krypton Flashlight Bulb P13.5S Base #9425542 GM (General Motors) Replacement Bulb

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24 Volt, 24 Volt Light Bulbs, 24 Volt Lamps, 24 Volt Bulb

#912/24V Miniature Bulb Glass Wedge Base - 24 Volt 0.7 Amp 16.8 Watt T5 Clear Glass Wedge Base, 1,000 Hour #6423 (C5W 24V) Miniature Bulb SV8.5mm Base - 24.0 Volt 0.2 Amp 10MM Festoon SV8.5mm Base, 300 Hour #1818 Miniature Bulb Ba9S Base - 24 Volt 0.17 Amp 4.08 Watt T3-1/4 Miniature Bayonet Base, 250 Hour

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Miniature Light Bulbs from Sylvania

At you can purchase over 20 different Miniature Light Bulbs from Sylvania. Pick from General Miniature Light Bulbs, S-Type Miniature Light Bulbs, SA-Type Miniature Light Bulbs and T-Type Miniature Light Bulbs.

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Manufacturers’ Cross Reference Guide MECOR

For more complete product information visit 272 C R O S S R E F E R E N C E Manufacturers’ Cross Reference Guide These tables are intended only as guides and may represent another lamp/ballast company's most similar product rather than an identical

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SYLVANIA General Lighting Catalogs

Our product catalogs provide specifications on the wide range of SYLVANIA branded offerings. All are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards to best suit your lighting application requirements and all are backed by the SYLVANIA brand, an industry leader in lighting solutions for over a century.

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Lamp and Ballast Catalog

self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamp with an R30 reflector, 82CRI, 3000K color temperature and a medium screw base. PAR Lamps Pressed aluminized reflector lamp, with the outer bulb formed from two pressed glass parts that are fused or sealed together. PAR lamps may be incandescent, halogen, or HID types. Parallel vs. Series Wiring

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Lamp specification catalog

operational electric light bulb. These are the must-know fundamental facts about incandescent lamps and the alternative choices that are available today. The size and shape of a lamp’s bulb are designated by a letter(s) and a number. The letter specifies the shape of the bulb and the number indicates the maximum diameter in 1/8-inch increments.

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Sealed Beam Lamp 12.8V: H7635. 81497-3: Standard GE Halogen . Lamp: H7614. 81529: Sealed Beam Lamp 12.8V. H9421: 81516. Fog Lamp 12.8V Imperial has made a concerted effort to provide accurate information in its catalog and on its web site, however Imperial assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. MINI BULBS. Sorted

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SYLVANIA LED Lamp Catalog 2021

Lamp Catalog 2021. ii LEDVANCE is a world leader in innovative lighting products the suitability of a lamp for any particular application or use in any particular equipment, Medium Base Candelabra Mogul GU5.3 GU10 G13 Single Pin Miniature Bipin 2G11 Pin Base/GX23 LED12T8L48FG830SUBG9 LED Lamp technology 12 Nominal wattage

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the model number of the ge current miniature incandescent bulb?

GE CURRENT Miniature Incandescent Bulb, T2-1/2, Miniature Bayonet (BA9s), Lumens 4, Watts 3W Item #1E855 Mfr. Model #TEL/120MB UNSPSC # 39101612 Catalog Page #499499 Country of OriginVaries.

What is a ge light bulb used for?

In addition to bulbs and lamps for the home or business, GE bulbs are one of the most commonly used brands in automobile lighting. GE lamps are used for fog lights, standard headlamps, daytime running lights, tail lights, glove compartment bulbs, under hood bulbs, directional signals, and much more.

What sizes do ge bulbs come in?

"GE bulbs" are offered in numerous shapes including MR16, all PAR sizes, B10, flame, AR111, G shape, and many, many more. GE Bulbs Constant Color and Reveal lines and other halogen light bulbs and lamps are an industry favorite for their excellent performance and superior color quality.

What is the part number for the ge 19334 light bulb?

Cross reference brand part numbers: GE 19334, Osram Sylvania 15014, Ushio 8000071. This bulb is also known as: 45704091, 003621. $15.99 Add to compare listAdd to wishlist

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