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GE introduced the first fluorescent ballast more than 60 years ago. Today we are providing high frequency electronic ballasts for almost every fluorescent application. With our UltraMaxTM Ballasts, we are bringing you the future in ballast performance. GE revolutionizes lighting again with new, breakthrough technology.

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LED Tube Ballast Compatibility GE Lighting

30 120-277

ge ge-232-mv-ps-n 120-277v ge ge232mvps-n-s30 120-277v ge ge232mvpsn-v03 120-277v ge ge232ps347-h 347v ge ge232ps347-l 120-277v ge ge232ps347-n 347v ge ge240psmvn-diyb 120-277v ge ge332max347-h 347v ge ge332max90-v60 120-277v ge ge332max-g-347 347v ge ge332max-g-h 120-277v

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Ge Lighting Ballast Catalog Daily Catalog

Ge Lighting Ballast Cross Reference Preview. 8 hours ago Tips: Shorten the catalog number from right to left to enlarge your search range. The sign out to ge lighting ballast cross reference books and is not breathing, and may notice. MB part number cross reference pdf. Seller shall have a cause of action against Customer for all damages sustained …

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Commercial Lamp and Ballast eCatalog GE Current, a

LED Type B HID (39) LED Type B HID (39) LED Type B HID Hazardous (9) LED Type B HID Hazardous (9) LED Directional (95) LED Directional (95) LED Plugin (34) LED Plugin (34) LED General Purpose (32) LED General Purpose (32)

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GE Lighting Interlight


The Lighting AssistantTM - a set of 26 user-friendly tools including Value*Light, the Lighting Toolkit, 2005 Energy Policy Act Tax Incentive Calculator and much, much more! imagination at work Call 1-800-255-1200, or visit GE Consumer & Industrial Lighting

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GE Lighting

The leader in LED lighting solutions. Loading. Cync Web Header - C by GE to Cync from GE Lighting on Vimeo. Cync Thermostat from GE Lighting on Vimeo. Cync_WebHeader_Par38-Outdoor_v2.mp4 from GE Lighting on Vimeo. Cync Ceiling Fan Smart Switch from GE Lighting on Vimeo. Cync - Web Header - New Cync App v2 from GE Lighting on Vimeo.

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GE Control Catalog Section 3: Lighting Contactors

3-4 Control Catalog Lighting Contactors Section 3 CR460 Series Application Information CR460 lighting contactors switch ballast (fluorescent or HID), tungsten and general use loadsand carry motor load, resistive and pilot duty ratings as well. CR463L Electrically Held Contactors Operational Mode

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GE Lighting

(LUCALOX) which was invented by GE in 1962. From the launch of the original Lucalox range - the world’s first high pressure sodium lamp - GE Lighting has led the way in this technology, offering specifiers and users every option to achieve long useful life, low operating costs and energy efficient performance. Document1 27/8/98 10:04 am Page 1

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Lamp and Ballast Catalog

Information in this catalog is subject to change at any time without prior notice. A Lighting Industry Leader With over 14,000 employees, OSRAM SYLVANIA is one of the leading lighting systems companies in North America. We are the North American business unit of OSRAM GmbH, one of the world’s largest lighting manufacturers.

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Master Cross Reference Advance Ballast

Universal Lighting Technologies is a subsidiary of Panasonic BALLAST CATALOG. This Cross Reference Guide is provided for informational purposes. It is intended to offer assistance in selecting a Universal ballast which is functionally equivalent to the ballast being replaced. If there is not an equivalent for a particular ballast, please

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2008 Ballast Cat Revised

ballasts 2008 product catalog GE Consumer & Industrial Lighting GE has a policy of continuous improvement of its products and reserves the right to change materials and …

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71714 Specifications GE Commercial Lighting Products

Catalogs Testimonials Brochures Application/Segment Brochures UltraMax™ Brochure Retail Lighting Office Lighting Healthcare Lighting Contractor Lighting Property Management Product Brochures Industrial Lighting Sell Sheets General Specifications - T8 High Efficiency Instant Start Disposal Policies & Recycling Information

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DirectDrive (BALLAST BYPASS) U-BEND LED LAMPS Construction Catalog Number Nominal Length Input Voltage CRI Lamp Wattage Lumens Beam Angle Efficacy Meets DLC Shatterproof Coated Glass KT-LED18T8-U6GC-8 xx -D 6" U-Bend 120-277V >80 18W 2100 220º 116 lm/W N/A

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Current, powered by GE

Materials & Lighting Components; Lamp & Ballast eCatalog; OUR APPROACH. LED Lighting; Controls & Sensors; Energy Management Systems; e-Catalog Search. Convert to PDF: 99622 - DISCONTINUED DLM3000/940 Infusion GE Current, a Daintree company

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GE Lighting 35216702R22 High Pressure Sodium Ballast

GE Lighting Ballast igniter features 70/100/150-Watt high pressure sodium lamp. It is suitable for P-154 powerflood flood light. GE Lighting 35-216702R22 High Pressure Sodium Ballast Igniter 70/100/150-Watt

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GE454MVPS90F Ballast Ge Lighting T5 108 Lightsfansfo

Ge259max-g-n Ge Lighting Electronic Ballast (67.3% similar) Starting temp. degrees f amps ac 87 power factor greater than Item electronic ballast type normal output start instant lamp t8 lamps family ultramax g series number of 2 voltaGe light min. Ge Lighting Ge259max-g-n electronic ballast 120 277v t8 ultramax g series new manufacturer

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GE Lighting GEC240MAXA (2) F28T5/HE Lamp MultiVolt

GE Lighting UltraMax™ High Lumen Biax™ Multi-volt compact fluorescent ballast is suitable to use with two F28T5/HE lamps. It has voltage rating of 120 - 277-Volts and current rating of 0.59-Amp. Instant start ballast with 1.1 ballast factor, offers greater than or equal to 99% power factor. It features metal enclosure. Ballast operates at the frequency rating of 50/60-Hz. Ballast …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose gege ballasts?

GE revolutionizes lighting again with new, breakthrough technology. In the GE labs, our engineers have developed a new breed of ballasts to make lighting systems that save more energy, are more adaptable, and deliver optimal lamp performance.

What kind of ballasts do ge fluorescent lamps use?

Note: GE offers both magnetic and electronic ballasts for the four-pin 32 and 26 watt lamps and all four-pin Long Twin T5 lamps. Lamp Bases There are a variety of lamp bases used with today's CFL lamps.

What is a ge warranty on a ballast?

WARRANTY General Electric Company, (hereinafter called “GE”) warrants to the purchaser that its lamp ballasts, (hereinafter called lighting products), will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the specified warranty periods beginning from the date of manufacture.

What kind of ballast does ge use for t8?

These “hybrid” type ballasts incorporate an electronic switch which disconnects power to the lamp cathodes after start-up, saving additional energy. Ballasts for T8 Applications GE‘s T8 product offering includes models for F17, F25, F32 and F40 type T8 lamps. This product line fea- tures OcTek™ electromagnetic ballast models.

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