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The Brembo brake catalogue dedicated to the spare parts expert

BremboParts App allows you to consult the Aftermarket catalogue quickly, simply and directly! Designed to be integrated with the functions of mobile devices, the App can be used to scan the QR code to ascertain the originality of brake pad and brake discs; taking a picture of the number plate to identify the right products for your vehicle or finding your nearest dealer.

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The Brembo brake catalogue dedicated to the spare parts expert

From the company's winning experience in international competitions arise the products of the Brembo brake catalogue, dedicated to the spare parts expert

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Brembo, #1 for brakes Brembo is the world’s leading maker of braking systems for motor cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. The organization operates on 3 continents, with production sites in 15 countries and sales networks in 70 national territories around the …

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High Performance Catalog cyclebrakes

Brake Pads Service Parts Caliper Master Cylinder Motorcycle by Manufacturer Upgrade Brake Systems Supermotard Upgrade Brake Systems section 7 page 47. 6. 7 oduction 1 section Brembo is a worldwide leader in the engineering, development and production of braking systems and components mounting faces are free from burrs and dents, otherwise

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Home Brembo Official Website

Brembo is an acknowledged world leader and innovator in the field of automotive disc brake technology. The company supplies high performance braking systems to the premier makers of automobiles, motorcycles and commercial vehicles worldwide.

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Brembo Brake Pads, Discs & Parts Demon Tweeks

Coming from just outside Milan, motorsport is thoroughly engrained in the Brembo ethos. Widely regarded as the leading name in disc brake technology for both high performance cars and motorcycles, Brembo brakes can be found on some of the fastest and most expensive road-going and racing vehicles on the planet; many of which utilise the Bremobo GT big brake kits …

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Brembo Store USA Your Way Our Solutions

Brembo Low-Met Brake Pads – The Ultimate in OE Equivalent Brake Pads. February 12, 2021. February 12, 2021. Brake pads are the core component of any braking system. Whether your car packs a massive 6-piston caliper sitting over a 330 mm rotor, or a single-piston setup, it’s the….

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Brembo Brakes Halfords UK

800 096 4216

Brembo brakes are available at all Halfords Autocentres as an upgrade to our standard brake parts. Pads and shoes: £20 extra (per set) Discs: £30 extra (per axle) If you'd like to know more about the benefits of Brembo brakes or would like a tailored quote for your vehicle, please speak to your local Halfords Autocentre manager on 0800 096 4216.

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BREMBO Brake discs


10 /10. BREMBO Brake discs 08.5645.60. excellent product!! noticeable improvement over OE and i have only replaced the rear rotors and pads to Brembo and the price was great!!! 2021-05-06. 0 /10. BREMBO Brake discs 09.A427.1X.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose brembo brakes?

This dedication to quality has led Brembo to develop and produce braking systems in the original equipment market for the most prestigious automobiles and motorcycles; BMW, Ducati, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche.

What is brembo?

Brembo è leader mondiale dei sistemi frenanti per auto, moto, veicoli industriali e commerciali. È attiva in 3 continenti, con stabilimenti produttivi in 15 nazioni e distribuzione in 70 paesi del mondo. La ricerca non si ferma mai

What is aftermarket brembo?

Aftermarket components are designed to accommodate the needs of any driver. We think beyond the essential, because your vehicle deserves Brembo safety and quality. Did you know that Xtra brake pads can also be fitted with standard discs? BremboParts App allows you to consult the Aftermarket catalogue quickly, simply and directly!

How are brembo products installed and maintained?

INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE Brembo’s “racing” products shall be installed by highly qualified and competent professionals working in the “racing” field, who have been specifically trained to operate such kind of products. The “racing” products shall be submitted to periodical maintenance.

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