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Free Agile Project Management Templates in Excel

Published: Apr 12, 2016
1. Agile Project Plan Template. An agile project plan is based on features. The plan estimates how long it will take for each feature to be delivered, without much detail on how it will be delivered.
2. Agile Sprint Backlog with Burndown Chart Template. Also known as a scrum backlog, the sprint backlog is created during agile sprint planning, where the team will select the top items in the product backlog and add them to their sprints.
3. Agile Release Plan Template. Agile release planning happens during sprint zero, when there is no product to deliver and the team can instead focus on defining the release goal, the features that need to be delivered, assigning features to a sprint, and estimating the duration of each task.
4. Agile Product Roadmap Template. An agile roadmap represents a strategic overview of where the product is headed in the mid-to long-term. It steers the direction of your product and sets expectations within your company.
5. Agile Product Backlog Template. A product backlog helps the product owner keep track of all the features that stakeholders would like to include in the product.
6. Agile User Story Template. A user story describes a feature from the end-user’s perspective. It includes the type of user, what they want, and why they want it.
7. Agile Test Plan Template. Download Agile Test Plan Template. Instead of a static testing plan that must happen at a certain time, test plans in agile projects should be dynamic and iterative.
8. Agile Project Charter Template. Download Agile Project Charter Template. While every project manager’s goal is to create a simple, short project charter, many of them take months to write and can include thousands of words.
9. Streamline Your Agile Project Management Efforts with Smartsheet. From simple task management and project planning to complex resource and portfolio management, Smartsheet helps you improve collaboration and increase work velocity -- empowering you to get more done.

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Free Agile Capacity Planning Templates Smartsheet

Agile development team members and Scrum masters will find no better capacity planning tool than this visually rich Agile Scrum team capacity planning template. List each required resource and estimate the start and end dates as well as the duration for each, and track each role’s fulfillment capacity (Not Started, Complete, etc.).

1. Author: Joe Weller

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Agile Project Plan Free Gantt Chart Templates

Agile project management depends on constant, efficient communication and planning. The free Agile project plan template is meant to make this communication quick and simple. Set up as a visual roadmap, the downloadable template was created for project owners who are conducting planning exercises or reviews with team leaders, managers, or clients.

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Free Agile Project Plan Templates

Ready to switch to Agile and looking for free agile project plan templates and tools? Welcome to Bitrix24, the fastest growing free project management planning software used by over 10 million organizations worldwide. As you are well aware, all 12 of agile principles break down into a simple concept: be flexible, be quick, be regular.

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Agile Project Plan Template Project Plan Template

How to Create a Agile Project Plan using Excel Template? You can use our free Agile Excel Project Plan Template and Populate the Data in the Data Table. Excel template creates Gantt automatically based on your agile project data (project details). Go to Agile Project Plan Template Excel Sheet and Enter the Project Details in the Data Table:

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Free tools & templates for Agile Project Management

The 5 levels of planning on agile project (Luzader, Stack Exchange) Free templates for Agile Project Management Pre-Study The Agile Team Charter incorporate the project’s vision, goals/objectives, mission, and success criteria Another example is SmartSheet Excel Agile Project Charter Template

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8+ Agile Project Plan Template and Samples PDF, Word

1. Agile Deployment Model Sample. Size: 293kB.
2. Agile Project Planning Sample. Size: 392kB. Such an approach can be greatly beneficial as it provides an ability to react and adapt to any to issues as they arise throughout the duration of the project.
3. Agile Project Management Essentials. Size: 66kB. The term “agile” was, in this context, popularized by the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.
4. Agile Project Management Sprint Planning. Size: 498kB.
5. Agile Release Planning Sample. Size: 1MB. Characteristics of Agile Methodologies. Agile project management planningcan vary method by method.
6. Agile Project Management Application Sample. Size: 1MB.
7. Lean and Agile Project Management Plan Sample. Size: 1MB. Popular Agile Methodologies. As mentioned above, agile project management can be done through a multitude of methods.
8. Scrum Project Template. Size: 1MB. Conclusion. Agile project planning is a process related to or birthed from agile project management and agile software development.

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Download Agile Project Management Templates for Early Success

Agile project management focuses on putting a high priority on satisfying the customer through early and continuous delivery throughout the project. Agile welcomes changing requirements and actually uses these changes to deliver a better product. This section contains templates for Agile project management.

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Agile roadmap

Agile roadmap. Track your product development with this Agile roadmap template in Excel. Use this simple, Agile roadmap template to prioritize your tasks and hit your target dates. This accessible Agile roadmap includes a worksheet for entering data …

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Agile Project Plan Template

Lift off planning. This document’s value is in the lift off session [5] where stakeholders, team members, product owners, scrum masters and project managers will create or consolidate the project chartering: purpose of the project, alignment of …

Author: Christophe Le Coent
Subject: From envisioning to close out
Created Date: 01/22/2016 08:38:00
Title: Agile Project Plan Template

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Best Free Agile Tools and Free Scrum Software Overview

Rating: 4.5/5(8)
Published: Feb 02, 2019
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1. Scrumblr. This simple web-based tool is basically a web simulation of an Agile sprint board, allowing your team to collaborate in real-time. This can come in handy when you don’t have a physical board at hand, or if you work with a distributed Agile team.
2. Trello. At first glance, Trello may seem too simple to be a powerful Agile tool. And yet its cards have everything you need for effective project management.
3. iceScrum. iceScrum is an online Scrum tool that offers Dashboard and Timeline views, Product Backlog, Release, and Sprint Plans, as well as Actors and Team functionality.
4. ScrumDo. This tool allows you to manage almost any project online. Its features include prediction functionality, Excel import and export, and automatic burnup charts.
5. Yodiz. Yodiz is an all-in-one free Agile tool that is both powerful and very easy to use. Its major advantage over rival products is that it is fully customizable — you can create custom fields, board layouts, change board colors, and much more.
6. ScrumDesk. ScrumDesk is perfect for small and medium-sized Scrum and Kanban teams. It’s an Agile project management tool that supports all Scrum ceremonies but is also user-friendly and completely transparent.
7. Kanbanchi. Kanbanchi is the only free online Agile tool for task and project management that is made specifically for the G Suite. It works equally well for individual users, small teams, and large enterprises that work within the Google ecosystem.
8. Pipefy. Pipefy enables managers to build and execute any type of workflow through Kanban-style user experience. Although it does offer pre-designed process templates, including task management, software development, bug tracking, help desk, and much more, workflows can be fully customized without the need to expend any technical resources.
9. VivifyScrum. VivifyScrum is an Agile project management tool for teams that use either scrum or Kanban frameworks. It allows the users to create their own scrum and Kanban boards and invite other users to collaborate on them and do scrum sprints.
10. KanbanTool. KanbanTool is an online Kanban board with seamless time tracking and insightful Kanban analytics and metrics. It features Kanban cards, colors, swimlanes, tags, and due dates to help you ensure clarity and visibility of your project’s progress.

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Agile Gantt chart

This Agile Gantt chart template provides a simple way to create a Gantt chart with Agile terms to help visualize and track your project. An Agile Excel template empowers you to track project tasks with visual reminders and color-coded categories. This is an accessible Agile Gantt chart template. Download with Microsoft 365 Excel Accessible

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Agile Planning: StepbyStep Guide + Template

Agile planning is a project planning method that estimates work using self-contained work units called iterations or sprints. Sprints are periods of 1-3 weeks in which a team focuses on a small set of work items as well as OKRs, and aims to complete them. Agile planning also creates a repeatable process that helps teams learn how much they can

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Agile 12,435+ Free PowerPoint Templates and Slides by

Free Agile Project Planning Template for PowerPoint Posted on December 18, 2012 (September 29, 2021) In All About Agile website we found a nice template for PowerPoint presentations that you can use to make presentations for Agile projects.

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Agile Project Planning : 6 Project Plan Templates – Free

The glamorous Agile Project Planning : 6 Project Plan TemplatesFree Agile Sprint Calendar Template photo below, is section of Agile Sprint Calendar Template editorial which is labeled within Calendar Example, agile sprint calendar template and published at November 8, 2020.

Format: PNG
Width: 1288px
Height: 495px

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Agile Resource Planning Template XLS Templates Free Download

Agile Resource Planning Template XLS Free Download. File Size 722 KB; File Count 1; Create Date October 24, 2020.

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Free Agile Project Planning Template for PowerPoint

The free agile template is called Project Initiation Presentation or PIO. You can download the template and then check the speaker notes to learn more and get instructions about how to use the free agile PowerPoint template for projects. Related: You can download a free Agile roadmap template to help presenting an Agile project plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is agile project template?

Agile project management is an iterative project management process that promotes open communication amongst team members. The agile project management template was created for teams that are using this process.

What is agile project planning?

An agile project plan is feature based. Most project managers are used to a project plan that has a series of tasks laid out for the entire project, listing task durations, responsibility assignments, and dependencies.

What is a project plan template?

The project management plan template is to be used for presenting a snapshot of your project. The template was created to present the right amount of detail for project teams while avoiding complexity so it is still relevant for executives and clients.

What is an agile sprint plan?

Sprint planning is a collaborative effort involving a ScrumMaster, who facilitates the meeting, a Product Owner, who clarifies the details of the product backlog items and their respective acceptance criteria, and the Entire Agile Team, who define the work and effort necessary to meet their sprint commitment.

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